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Here is an article published about Ralph the Great in The Connection newspaper. Short and to the point.


Part of Ralph's Magic is a Sense of Humor

By David M. Ouellette, Staff Writer

When looking for a magician, people don't want to hire the first rabbit trick they see. Experience, dedication, professionalism and a very big hat are essential qualities.

Northern Virginia's own Ralph the Great, a.k.a. Ralph Metzler, has just such a hat, and he fits the bill easily.

Ralph, 38, has been performing comedic magic shows for kids of all ages full-time for about 6 years, but has been doing magic for 20 years. A specialist in families and kids, Ralph also entertains at fairs, festivals, corporate picnics, daycare centers and preschools.

With about 300 performances a year on his calendar, "controlled pandemonium" is what he calls his shows, which are mostly fast-paced visual magic centered around comedy.

After one of his shows, a 4-year-old boy came over to him and said, "you are the silliest man in the world," to which Ralph graciously replied, "Thank you."

"Kids can tell if you don't like them," said Ralph. "They're very honest, and they will tell you; especially the younger ones."

Ralph the Great is sometimes helped out by Dan the Occasionally Brilliant, a.k.a. Dan Delafield. He says, "There's less pressure that way [being called the Occasionally Brilliant]."

Ralph moved to Reston when he was in the sixth grade and went to Herndon High, before Reston had South Lakes High. Afterward, he was a full-time computer graphic designer, and magic was a hobby. But now graphic design is his hobby. "I've been having such a blast doing this," Ralph said.

With an expanding business, Ralph has just gotten his van painted and has built a trailer that folds out into a stage. Another possible future addition to the show is Mina, Ralph's 16-week-old pomeranian poodle puppy.

To get in touch with Ralph the Great, call (703) 404-2737, and be sure to use the magic words, "Hocus pocus, fishbones choke us."


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