Everybody wonders how a magician can make a person levitate, or float on air. Well, that is exactly the secret to the trick!

All good Magic Shops (Like Denny & Lee's Magic Studio) sell Compressed Air Bricks.

These are made in a factory in Cleveland.

Regular air is sucked into this machine, compressed and shaped into bricks. Because they are made out of air, they are invisible and cannot be seen. But they also make bricks with blue air. A magician will use these blue bricks to practice the trick. Here is a picture of Ralph holding a blue Compressed Air Brick (CAB).

Before the show starts, the magician stacks a lot of invisible Compressed Air Bricks onto the stage. He makes sure to stack them high enough.

During the show, the magician has to be careful when he walks around so he doesn't accidentally knock over the bricks.

Then comes the trick. When his assistant lays down, she looks like she's floating, but she's really just laying down on the Compressed Air Bricks!


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